A Change In Perspective


In the summer of 2016 I created a photography series of self portraits, with the aim to deconstruct the way I looked at my body, and the way I saw beauty in it - or not. To consider my shape, my skin, and in connection, my sexuality, with a perspective separated from the images I've grown up seeing as representations of an ideal. It began as a purely personal project, and has taken me about two years to bring in to the light. By sharing it the stakes of vulnerability are raised tenfold, but so is the opportunity for growth. This is just one step on the journey towards self acceptance - sometimes a change in perspective is all that's needed.


My body used to feel like currency.

Except the less there was of it, the richer life would be.

I looked for angles, for shadows,

for less.

Slowly my eyes adjusted to the dark, and saw past the narrow space in which

I did not fit.


We learn, so quickly, to look with critical eyes.

To pick apart what makes us whole and find fault in every piece.

Rebuilding a broken identity based on a version of beauty

we didn't choose.

What if it isn't our body that's wrong?

What if it's the way we see it?